Hey there!  We’re Melissa & Michelle, and we’re the owners of TekTaco! We’re sisters who grew up in the midwest and now call Kansas City home (go Chiefs/Royals!). As moms and wives, but also as a therapist and a nurse practitioner, we spend a lot of time helping other people get healthy. It’s kind of our thing. We’re passionate about people and want our lives to count, making a difference!

So why would a therapist and a nurse practitioner start TekTaco, you ask? Well…good question. We know that technology is an integral part of all of our lives. In fact, It’s pretty hard to interact with today’s world without it. We were lucky enough to have a dad who was in the tech business, so we’ve had access to technology since long before most people. But frankly, technology is expensive, and it can be out of reach for some. We wanted to create an opportunity for people like us (ie. who aren’t rolling in dough) to have access to the technology that will make their lives easier and their dreams reality. 

Wanna start a new business, but need a new computer to do it? We’ve got you. Is your old phone on its last leg, and you just want to get sweet pics of your babies and interact with your people on social media? We’ve got you too! From the amateur to the pro, from the individual to the big business or non-profit, we wanted to make technology more accessible by making it more affordable.

While we realize that you can buy a computer or phone at any big box store, we also know you’re paying a seriously high markup (whether that be your cash price or in big interest payments). Here at TekTaco, our prices are fair and reasonable, and we offer zero interest payment options. That’s right, ZERO! We’re not here to take advantage of people. Period. We’re regular people just like you – trying to take care of our families and spin all the plates. We know life can be nuts, and we want to make yours a little easier with one less thing to worry about.

But here’s the other cool part…10% of every purchase goes to make a difference! We support non-profit groups that work to stop human trafficking, that bring food, water and education to children in impoverished countries like Bolivia & El Salvador, and that serve the needy right here in our communities. So, you can not only get the best price on the market right here at TekTaco, but you can feel good that you are investing to make the world a better place.

The best tech. The lowest prices. Zero interest payment options. Smart business practices. A company investing to make a difference. People you can trust.

That’s who we are and what we do. We hope the work our family is doing will help make your family, your business, and the world a little better.

Melissa Winston & Michelle Tremain

The M&M Sisters – Owners of TekTaco